The Wonders to Be Found in Our Country

New York City is one of America's most famous tourist attractions and cities. It has been top of the list for decades. In the twenties Chicago was the city of sex and scandal, but New York has always been the city of fun and excitement. Broadway has been a name on peoples tongue's for years. Almost any theatre lover or aspiring actress, musician, or dance has dreamed of going big time in a Broadway play or musical. However, today New York has many more famous streets. I mean where else but canal street can you find Juicy Couture Replica Handbags or Fendi Replica Handbags that look so close to their originals. Every one has heard of, dreamed of, or already been to New York City.

In the past ten years, little aspects of NYC have grown tremendously and brought even more fame to the city. 30 Rockefeller Center has been home to NBC news for years, so it has always been a cool attraction but ever since a comedy was put out about the new show it has become even more famous. Also, the new boom in food television has brought more tourists to a lot of cities, including New York City. Cake shows that focus on cake shops and bakeries in the area have added yet another tourist attraction to the city.

Other cities in America are just as historic and interesting as NYC. Naturally, Chicago is the next famous city on the list below New York. Ever since the twenties Chicago has had a reputation of being scandalous and enticing. During prohibition, if someone was looking for a hidden club selling the forbidden fruit, Chicago was bound to have plenty. Chicago is by far the city with the most personality. All cities are different in their own way, but Chicago is like its own person. There is so much life to it, people love the feel of Chicago.

Another great, but somewhat unpublicized city is Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is another city like Chicago that has so much life and personality it is unmistakable. One of the biggest things that makes Baltimore so unique is its citizens. The people of Baltimore just love to have a good time and be happy. Baltimore offers experiences you can't get in other places, such as eating crab cakes at the harbor. Obviously the Chesapeake Bay harbor is cool, but Baltimore crab cakes are unlike any others. They are enough to keep you coming back for years. Baltimore has also been victim to the food television publicity. A great chow about a bakery in Baltimore has gotten so popular, bringing tons of new visitors.

Traveling across the world is something unforgettable and amazing, but what about traveling across your country? America has so much diversity and different places to see. Every city has its own attitude and way of life. It's amazing how much you can experience and see without leaving the Country. If you have never traveled around the country, it is defiantly something worth doing.