Slimming Bridal Gowns For Every Shape

No matter what her figure is, every bride worries about looking thin in her wedding dress. It is just a simple fact of life that on one of the biggest days of your life you will want to look your absolute best. Help is on the way, ladies! This is a guide to finding the most slimming bridal gown for every shape and size.

When you find a gown that truly flatters your unique shape, it will instantly make you look ten pounds lighter. On the other hand, the wrong dress can add inches to your figure, which is definitely not the goal for most brides! This is why it is so important to choose a bridal gown that is the best cut for your figure, even if it is not what you have always pictured wearing. When shopping, it is critical to be open-minded, as well as realistic. In other words, try a wide variety of styles, and never buy a dress that will only look great if you lose weight.

Every woman has features that should be highlighted and others that she would like to camouflage. With those two key points in mind, shopping for that one perfect gown will be much easier. For instance, let's say that you are a strong pear shape. When you start shopping, you will know that you want to find a gown that is slimming on the lower half. You can do this in two ways; first of all, begin with an A-line skirt to hide the hips and behind. Second of all, look for gowns with a lot of detailing at the top to draw the eye up towards your face. If the gown that you love is unadorned, you can achieve the same effect with bold crystal bridal jewelry, like a choker or chandelier earrings.

A common complaint of brides of all shapes and sizes is that they do not like their upper arms. They often think to hide their arms with sleeves, when in fact, this only draws the eye right to the trouble spot. Believe it or not, a strapless gown is usually the most flattering style for heavier arms, because it has no detail to attract attention to that area. Look for a strapless gown that has a heavily beaded hemline to draw attention away from the upper arms, and wear a long veil to softly camouflage the area.

If you are an apple shape, then your goal will be to find a wedding dress that whittles the waist. This is easily done, as long as you keep in mind that the most flattering styles will be those that are very shaped through the waist, not empire waists that can end up making a prominent tummy look like a pregnancy. Details like a fitted obi sash with a narrow ribbon running right at the center of the natural waist can really make your waist look trim.

What about busty brides? For them, finding a gown with good structure and support is the key to looking their absolute best. Strapless gowns, surprisingly, can often be the most flattering, as long as they are properly fitted. Look for a strapless gown with good support; ie, well-boned through the torso, and with a fairly high back. The fitted shape will help to define your waist, and to keep your bust feeling tucked into place. Balance out a heavier top with a skirt that is an A-line or wider. A straight skirt will only emphasise a very large bust. You can also draw the eye away from your chest with the right accessories, like a sparkling crystal tiara and special bridal jewelry.

Once you find the right wedding gown, you will not be able to wait until the big day! It can require a lot of searching, but it will all be worth it in the end. A slimming wedding dress will make you look and feel truly gorgeous.