In the world of high-tech shell jackets, few — if any — rank more highly than Arc’teryx. The brand’s impermeable waterproof jackets are so impermeable that, for a while, TikTok users proved it by wearing them in the shower. Well, if you don’t already know, Arc’teryx’s quiet younger brother is called Veilance, and its latest jacket is worth some attention.

Veilance was launched in 2009 as a sub-label of the almighty Arc’teryx. Characterized by many of the same qualities — expert outdoor performance, high-quality construction, and a no-shortcuts attitude to clothing — Veilance also revolved around its own unique aesthetic.

Usually, Veilance pieces are rendered in either complete black or muted greyscale colors. It’s why a certain subsection of gorp lovers, often referred to as urban ninjas, favor Veilance above all other imprints. But, the brand’s latest collection of high-end waterproof shells to hit SSENSE came with a surprising twist in the tale.

The Arc’teryx Veilance Isogon MX Jacket is a fan-favorite thanks to its completely pared-back design. Beyond its understated visuals, it's wind and water-resistant and light enough to be worn as a mid-layer, too. But, while the design is usually finished in black, FW22 sees the Veilance Isogon MX land in a vivid highlighter yellow. Or, as Arc’teryx calls it: Vision.

It's not the first time that Veilance has experimented with flashes of color within its subdued collections, and it's a lesson in how to make color count.

Arc’teryx is no stranger to bold colors. In fact, it’s one of the reasons the label has such a cult following, with many collecting the staple jackets in the rainbow of colors available. It seems that for FW22, this love of punchy color has spilled over into the usually cool, calm waters of Veilance.

Shop the bold Arc'teryx Veilance Isogon MX Jacket below.

Isogon MX Jacket

Isogon MX Jacket