Nike Triax C5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Product Review

Nike Triax C5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is another evolutionary invention of Nike Company. This particular watch holds a lot of amazing features everybody can enjoy. Ok, let's talk about the external part first. Besides the fact that it is very stylish, Nike Triax was designed in an s shape. The reason for this is that it can give more comfort to the wrist of the user.

The monitor also has a large display of numbers so that user will not have a hard time in seeing the details. The screen is also has a huge resistance from scratches. For my favorite part, this watch is a C5 heart rate monitor. Basically it means that your heart is monitored just if you are watching this watch. No need to count your pulse rate.

I was planning to buy something for my grandfather on his ninetieth birthday. I like to buy something extra special that he will really appreciate, perhaps this watch is very timely for him. It really bothers him a lot when nurses are monitoring his heartbeat. Thank heaven that this watch is on the market right now and you know what, it's not that expensive after all.

When you buy this product, it's like you also get a monitoring device for your heart and with that, you definitely can say that you have really saved a lot of money. It is also recommendable for those people who are asked to monitor their health.  It's accurate and totally dependable. You must really try Nike Triax C5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch.