Nike Swimsuits Review

A piece of Nike swimsuits is not just sleek, but it also has other benefits that can literally swoosh other swimsuits away. With the fine materials that they are made of, sun protection is definitely no problem. So for the swimmers out there who want the best out of their sports, here's a run of some of the stylish and protective swimsuits that Nike has to offer.

To begin with, majority of Nike swimsuits have a UPF of 50+. This means that when one is wearing a swimwear with such a UPF rating, around 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays are repelled from reaching into your skin.

Thus, sunburns and other sun injuries can be minimized, if not totally eliminated. Going for a dip with Nike swimsuits and a bottle of sunscreen then would not bring about problems related to the sun's harmful rays that can give you premature skin aging and skin cancers.

The swimsuits manufactured by Nike are made with spandex or lycra and a high percentage of polyester, which is known to have a good performance in blocking the sun's rays from making contact with the skin.

Since UV clothing is now a must with most sports, including swimming, to get the ultimate protection, it is only apt that one of the leading manufacturers of sports apparel to provide UV protection to its customers.

A wide selection of UV swimwear is available at Nike stores. Whatever style of swimwear you are looking for, Nike has it with that distinguishable swoosh mark that can also indicate a checkmark for sun defense.

Tights or Hydras?

The various tights of Nike are best for swimmers to lap themselves to victory. Not only are they sun-resistant, they are also water-resistant to prevent water from collecting and from entering, thus providing a range of motions. Air is also restricted from flowing in with the zoned tension technology.

The innovative Hydras are streamlined according to the contour of the body for a better flow of water, which only means faster swimming. The seams are also controlled away from key spots of movement to avoid water collection.

With a back zipper, they also have the same characteristics of tights, only better due to more skin coverage that can better keep the UV rays off your skin.

Shorts, Trunks, Halters, or Tankinis?

If you are out there for a simple swim without having to beat a time record, Nike swimsuits are available for you. An array of these is made with DOW XLA fiber, which is a lightweight and stretchable fabric scientifically proven to resist chlorinated water.

Not only can you swim for hour and hours, you can feel free to lie under the sun thanks to DOW XLA's resistance to UV rays, equaling the powers of a sunscreen lotion.

In addition to that, these Nike products provide comfort with excellent fit and shape maintenance. They also dry quickly, making them very breathable for that light feeling when you are out of the water. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so staying fashionable yet protected is just a breeze.

With Nike swimsuits out there to help you win a race, have a vacation at the beach, or defend you from harmful UV rays, what more can you ask for? Indeed, this brand is the one to trust in terms of customer satisfaction and protection.