Making Your Entertainment Room Look Nice

Everyone is moving towards big screen televisions. Flat screens that hang on the wall are all the rage and more HDTV and Plasma televisions are being sold daily than was ever anticipated in this current economy. Perhaps you have just hung yours on the wall, or are anticipating getting one for the upcoming holidays, either as a gift from someone else or a gift to yourself.

If you are than you know that these giants can be a bit obtrusive when hung on the wall. Now maybe you are the electronics Guru who wants everyone to focus their attention on your latest addition to your family room or living space. More than likely you are probably trying to find the least obtrusive way to hang this item on the wall without making it the focal point of the room.

Well, there is one sure fire way to help your new flat screen television blend into the room, using darker colors on the wall. When you use darker colors as the background to these incredible viewing monstrosities, what you will find is that you get a more subtle look when the focus of being in this living space is not the television, but a gathering of family or friends for the holidays.

When you look at the television, you will barely notice it on the wall, but turning it on will also affords you an inexplicable viewing experience. Putting the flat screen on a dark wall really helps to illuminate the picture, because a darker color wall will absorb the light, creating a better viewing experience even when the television is on.

If you have yet to hang your big screen television, than what you will probably notice is that it becomes the focal point on a light colored wall. So if you are looking to make it blend in a little better and limit its effects on your living space, than try placing it on a darker wall, or repainting the wall to suit the television. Either way you will be thrilled with the results.