How to Choose a Woman's Silk Scarf Or Shawl

Silk scarves and shawls have been used by women around the world for centuries. Not only do the amazing properties of the fabric make them practical in all weathers, but their incredible versatility and numerous different ways of wearing ensure that they represent excellent value for money. For maximum all-round appeal though, how do you go about choosing a silk scarf or shawl? Here are a few simple tips to bear in mind.

1. Choose quality fabricThe quality of the silk which is used to make your silk scarf or shawl will impact on the way that the fabric falls and drapes, so always choose 100% pure silk to create the very best effect.

2. Choose unique designsIf you are going to spend money on a beautiful luxury item like a silk scarf or shawl, then clearly you are not going to want to keep bumping into other people who are wearing the same design. With both the mass-produced silk scarves which are sold in department stores and designer silk scarves, literally thousands and thousands of the same design are produced and, of course, there are thousands more counterfeit products out there too. The handmade silk scarves and shawls which are available, however, feature totally unique designs, which means that you can wear yours in the safe knowledge that you are not going to be embarrassed by turning up somewhere only to find someone else wearing an exact copy of your chosen design. At high-profile events and special occasions in particular, this is especially important.

3. Choose quality craftsmanshipWhatever the product, the quality of the craftsmanship always shows. In the case of silk scarves and shawls, those which are manufactured using mass-production techniques are inferior in terms of the workmanship that goes into them. Handmade scarves and shawls, however, are produced using techniques which have been around for centuries and which rely on the skill and talent of the artist. After the painstaking process of applying wax to the silk to create the outer borders of the design, every scarf or shawl is then painted by hand to introduce the gorgeous range of colors which set these superb accessories apart.

4. Choose environmentally friendly productsAlthough it can be tempting to think that we as individuals can do little that is positive to impact on the environment, every time we buy a product we can make a conscious decision to choose something which is environmentally friendly. Silk fabric is, in itself, a much greener alternative than other types of materials such as nylon and acrylic because it is highly biodegradable and does not draw on scarce fossil fuels to produce it. Instead, it is produced from renewable resources. In addition, the techniques which go into the making of handmade scarves and shawls are not ones which involve the pollution of the atmosphere. If you are concerned with doing your bit for the environment, therefore, then handmade silk scarves and shawls are a much better alternative.