Get the Retro Look

To achieve the retro fashion look, you first have to understand the meaning of retro. Retro means a return to the past, and in terms of fashion, it means returning to fashions that were popular in previous decades. For instance, if you wanted to adopt a 80s retro look, you might opt for an Adidas Originals tracksuit, and a pair of Adidas Beckenbauer trainers. Most fashion gurus classify retro and vintage clothing (which are interchangeable names but refer to the same fashion style) as any clothing that was popular more than 15 years ago. So, all those picture that you look at and think to yourself, "what was I wearing?" can actually be used as inspiration to inform your current style of dress - who would have thought it, eh?

The retro fashion industry is huge business, world leaders, such as Adidas Originals, make an average annual turnover of more than A�10 billion, and that's with the global recession still in full swing! Retro fashion is about resurrecting the past, for some people, this means trawling charity shops, and auction sites in the hope of finding the perfect item. Other people prefer to buy lines that manufacturers have rereleased in view of the trend towards retro fashion. A good example of this technique, i.e. of manufacturers rereleasing end-of-line products, is the Adidas Beckenbauer. This is a style of trainer, which was originally released in 1982 as a celebration, and tribute, of the great German footballer, Franz Beckenbauer. You can know find this trainer at certain specialist retailers of retro fashion items (if you are interested in seeing what they look like, then follow the link at the bottom of the page).

In order to pull off the retro look, there are a few rules that you should adhere too.

Firstly, choose the era that you feel is most suited to your personality. Are you loud and proud? If so, you will probably prefer the 1980s styles. Are you a loving person - laid-back, and fancy-free? Then you will probably love the 1960s fashions. Do you love browns mixed with yellows? Then you will probably prefer the 1970s. Once you know which era you feel most comfortable with, you will then need to do some research. Find out which fashions were popular during that era - a Google search should suffice. After you have found a few styles you like, then you can begin to search the internet for specialist retailers. Whatever your niche, you will find a place that sells what you are looking for.