First Lady Michelle Obama Sets the Stage For Style

Although all the first ladies of recent decades have been beautiful and stylish in their own way, not since Jackie Kennedy has a president's wife had the fashion world talking like Michelle Obama. Why is her look so popular? Much of it has to do with the fact that the women of America and the world can relate to her clothing choices.

Even though she can wear designer gowns with the best of them, Ms Obama is frequently seen in attractive outfits from retailers that the general public actually shop at. If you'd like to emulate Michelle Obama's fashion flair, here are a few important points to remember.

Keep it Classic

First Lady Obama has a knack for choosing clothing with timeless elegance. A-line skirts and simple shift dresses, cardigans with three/quarter sleeves, tasteful flats and classic shoes with one or two inch heels all are important basics in her wardrobes. Mrs. Obama does wear traditional suits, however, she often opts for attractive separates instead.

Bare Your Arms and Your Legs

It's perfectly apparent that Michelle Obama likes sleeveless clothes. If you are comfortable having your arms bared, take a tip from Michelle and apply lotion to them regularly. That's how she keeps her skin looking young and supple. You won't find any pantyhose in the First Lady's dresser, either. She quit wearing them years ago. Instead, she spritzes smoothing oils on her legs and leaves them bare, preferring that youthful, natural look .

The Power of Black and White

Black and white play strong roles in Ms. Obama's wardrobe. She understands the impact these two opposite colors have when used together.

Colors and Prints Come into Play

Although a fan of black and white, the First Lady knows how to use bursts of color as well. Yellows, greens and reds are fashion favorites. Colorful florals and pretty patterns add a lively touch to some of her most striking outfits. She normally opts to wear the prints and patterns on the upper half of her body in the way most flattering to her figure.

Accent on Accessories

Although Michelle Obama likes simple, classic styles, she enjoys using accessories to add a taste of her own personality to her wardrobe. Big earrings, impressive necklaces and eye catching brooches are amongst her favorite choices. She also likes to add waist-minimizing belts and flowy floral scarves.

Necklines on Display

Michelle has shown a liking for necklines that are interesting but not too revealing. Boat-necks are one of her top choices, along with scoop necks, v-necks and square necklines. As a fashion role model, Michelle Obama wins the votes of millions of women around the world. Best of all, you don't have to be the wife of the president to achieve her classic style. Follow her lead by choosing timeless pieces that flatter your body type. Keep skin moisturized and silky, hairstyles simple and let jewelry make an clear statement. Soon you'll look like the first lady of fashion.