Evening Full Of Fun And Laugh

Lively music is one of the most important instruments for a successful party. A Teen- Age loves listening to music. It is also an effective instrument to turn on a shy kid. Let us have a look on how music can make an evening full of fun and laughter.

Boys enjoy this next game because it not only gives them plenty of action but also calls for noises with their vocal chords. The lads were arranged in little circles of three all about the room. A chosen leader gave directions such as "traffic to the right," at which call the little circles turned to the right and kept turning until the leader said, "traffic to the left," when they quickly shifted and started turning to the left.

When the leader called, "beep beep," all the players quickly formed a new circle with two other people. As they did this they all blew their "vocal" horns. While the circles were being changed, the leader stepped in and the boy left over became the new leader. The interest in this game is increased if there is some lively music being played at the same time.

Next the boys played a "Life-Saver Relay." Each player was given a toothpick which he gripped firmly between his front teeth. The group was then divided into two lines. The first player of each team was given a Life Saver which he hung on the toothpick in his mouth. At the word "Go" he transferred the Life Saver to the toothpick of the second line without the use of hands. Of course, the team finishing first was declared the winner.

We had planned the approximate time required for each game so the entire evening would be filled. No time was allowed to drag between games. For refreshments we served the boys' standby ice cream and cake. After refreshments the man of the house took all the guests home.

If your boy is at this difficult age don't hesitate to let him have a party. Plan a full evening of "boisterous" games like those mentioned above and I'm sure that both you and the boys will thoroughly enjoy the party. There was no damage to the house that a vacuum cleaner couldn't repair the next day.