Establishing Brands Of Luxury Watches

When you learn about fine watches you may initially not realize how important the history of these pieces are. In fact the implicate value of almost all luxury watches is directly tied to the historic reliability of each brand of watch. Many of these brands have been around for more than a century and their names have carried with them a weight and level of importance that is incontestable due to the value they have stood for so long. Brands like Longines watches (established in 1832) and Gucci watches (established in 1921) have been able to build a large chunk of the luxury watch market around their brands for a long time. There are ebbs and flows in their sales yet they remain remarkably consistent businesses for most of their runs.

It is into this market that the likes of Raymond Weil watches (established in 1976) and Philip Stein watches (established in 2002) entered. You wonder in an industry so obsessed with the long term reputation and "old money" status of the aforementioned brands how could brands so young survive and thrive? With these brands the idea was to rattle a somewhat stagnant market or innovate their way into prominence in all cases it worked and both are now established brands guaranteed to get almost as much positive attention as those older brands. These luxury watches managed to feel classical without feeling old school and as a result built a whole new loyal audience. As a result of them establishing themselves they have built the same sort of audiences that Longines and Gucci did all those years ago. The sort of loyal customers that assuming they continue to produce great results will come back and breed new customers through their lineage and their positive feedback to their friends and colleagues.

Of course, craftsmanship is always where building a luxury watch brand will be most affected. The work by these four titans in the industry shows nothing if not a focused attention to detail and a commitment to making the right choices about style and price. These brands built themselves from the ground up and have managed to make in roads into every affluent aspect our society. It must be the sweetest victory for these brands to know that they have developed such a wealth of goodwill from their customers and from watch enthusiasts as a whole. Maintaining those customers from here out is just a matter of doing what they do best.