Bulgari Perfume - How It Can Affect Your Life

Many people are under the impression that perfume is as Wikipedia encyclopedia so nicely describes "a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents used to give the human body, animals, objects, and living spaces a pleasant scent." But the reality is that perfume is something a lot deeper than that. Perfume has a special psychological power to transform a humans mind and mood from totally miserable to miraculously happy and pleasant.

Did it ever happen that you were in a terribly bad mood because everything that could possibly go wrong in your day went wrong. You woke up late and arrived to work late, thereby missing an important staff meeting in which you office holds only once a month. Your boss is extremely upset with you, and has no problem letting you know that in everything but the most pleasant manner. You make a coffee and grab a muffin to calm your nerves, and accidentally bump into your coworker and have your beautiful brand new eight hundred dollar, off white outfit quickly turn to brown. You somehow pull your way through the rest of the day at work and are finally ready to jump into your car, blast the music and just let your mind relax after such a stressful day, only to be greeted with an innocent looking flat tire on your car. You are ready pull every hair out of your head but quickly decide that doing so would only make you more depressed. So you calmly call the local towing company, and have them come and switch your tire for the spare you have sitting in your trunk. At the rate things are going, you are convinced that it is probably not even there, but to your pleasant surprise, you find it. You drive home and arrive a few minutes after your husband. You open the front door and burst into tears, letting your husband know every detail of your stressful saga.

Suddenly, your husband pulls something out of his briefcase, that puts the biggest smile on your face and turns you from the most rotten mood ever to the jolliest happiest person that could exist at that moment. Your husband bought you a brand new bottle of one of you most favorite perfumes. It is a bottle of Bulgari perfume all wrapped up with a beautiful note from your dear spouse. You quickly open it up and carefully spray yourself up. You just can't believe what a metamorphosis just went on. You did not know how you would pull of you horrible rut, but your husband did. The whole evening you kept on smelling and smelling this wonderful aroma and your mood kept on improving.

Perfume has this special power of lifting people's spirits no matter what the situation. It can be Bulgari perfume, Calvin Klein perfume or any other brand. As long as it is a smell that is pleasant to you, you can be certain that it will have a tremendous effect on you mood and mindset.