Balmain Hair Extensions Explained

Balmain offers three different types of hair extensions, single hair, double hair and clip on hair. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, there is a hair extension that suits you!

Balmain Single Extensions are a great way to create the natural look! It gives body and movement to your hair. They come in various textures from Natural Straight to Curly.

You also have a choice of colours from natural colours to match your hair or bright colours to make a statement. If you wish to add natural looking highlights, you can do this by choosing colours a couple of shades lighter than your own hair.

The main advantage of adding colour to your hair with hair extensions is the versatility that it offers. You can add different colours, then change your mind, then change it back again, without damaging your hair. Wearing a purple dress for a special occasion? You can now compliment that with a couple of purple highlights with no long term commitment.

Double extensions vary a bit to the single as it comes in strips of five strands. The double extensions are used to elongate your hair and give it fullness. They are easy and fast to apply making them considerably less costly than the single hair extension. They can be also used in different colours to give your hair the highlighted look.

Clip ons are a fun way to add a different look to your hair when going out for the night. Because they are made with human hair, they can be coloured and styled to your preference. There is a large range of Balmain Clip Ons, ranging from fringes to pony tails to everything in between.

Like the double hair, you can choose your colours and styles. Clip on hair is the DIY equivalent to double hair. You purchase your hair piece and we show you how to best attach it to your hair. Afterwards, you can easily apply them at home!

Its very difficult to know the price of your hair extensions but you can expect to pay anywhere from A�200 to A�800 for your first set depending on your requirements. The advantage that Balmain offers is that they are REUSABLE, and that makes price of follow up maintenance is considerably less.

Balmain offers a six month guarantee on their hair extensions subject to following the after care regime. Balmain has a prescribed after care regime which must be carried out in order to not invalidate the guarantee. After care products are included in the price of the treatment and it includes Balmain shampoo, conditioner, mask and a shine spray.

Should the condition of your hair extensions deteriorate before six months, a strand is sent out to the Balmain Lab for testing. Should the results show that proper aftercare has been followed, the hair extensions are then replaced free of charge.

Balmain has created a name and a reputation in the industry. It's in their interest to make sure that their products live up to the high standards that Balmain dictates.