Adidas Originals - A Heritage Line

In 2008, Adidas Originals launched an extensive marketing campaign that intended to further promote the label. The highlight of the marketing scheme is the invitation to consumers to come and celebrate originality that only Adidas could bring about. The line intended to implement an exceptional brand campaign and at the same time introduce (or more like re-introduce) numerous product themes that are inspired obviously by the flourishing Adidas heritage complemented of course by the global fame of the Trefoil trademark.

As a stand alone product line, Adidas is known for rolling out its own set of products that include Adicolor Trainers, Superstar Shoes, and Originals Denim produced in collaboration with Diesel (a pioneering concept of Adidas that is still in trial basis in Berlin and New York). All products that are included in the Originals line have the attributes of creativity, self-expression, and uniqueness. It helps that the parent brand is best known for rendering sports heritage and of course casual and street clothing.

The Adidas Originals is known for its exquisite footwear, sneakers, and trainers. The items popularly come in classic colors that are identified with the old and original Adidas shoes. Among the best sellers in this segment are the Universal black, ZX800, indoor tennis Mekhak/Chalk, Tobacco Trainers Musbro, and LA Trainer.

As for the clothing items, Adidas offer sought-after tracksuit bottoms, tracksuit tops, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, scarves bags, and fashion accessories. Among the best sellers are Dassler Tee M white, Adidas Originals' polo shirt, W Breaker Powerblu zip hood, and Adidas Trefoil shirts.

Aside from an interesting lineup of products and strong marketing schemes, Adidas Originals also prioritize the roll up of its Originals Concept Stores, which are now actively into expanding the line's foray globally. Full-fledged and mini-stores are operating in select and strategic sites in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

The advertising campaigns are in line with the ones launched by Adidas decades ago. Football stars, skateboarders, basketball players, and style icons are all tapped to take part in various Adidas Originals promotional ads to lure attention. The ads clearly highlight Adidas Originals' brand strength as a lifestyle branch of no less than Adidas. Originals intend to highlight its history as well and convey a plot of the significant cultural movements that have influenced the brand from the time of its inception to this day. Indeed, Adidas' legacy would live on as a heritage through Adidas.