A Great Fall Ride

We dressed warm in our motorcycle jackets, me in my motorcycle pants, and my husband in his motorcycle chaps. We also put on vests and gloves for added warmth. Always dress warmly, a cold rider is a cranky rider. I prefer pants but that is only my personal preference, many prefer chaps, or even half chaps that only cover below the knees. These have become very popular in recent years especially for people with extra long or short legs. They are great because they keep the lower part of your legs covered that is most exposed to the wind when riding.

We headed out along the lake, we live in Ontario and were riding along Lake Erie. The temperature was about 50 degrees fahrenheit or 10 degrees celsius, seasonable for the middle of October, and marveled at the great fall colors. Some of the trees being bright red, orange and yellow, and still some trees that haven't started changing colors at all. Looking at their reflections on the water was even more beautiful. Wish I had taken some pictures. The sun was shining brightly, which added to help make it amazing ride.

We drove past the giant windmills and marveled at their enormous size. I know some people don't like them, there are signs everywhere around them complaining about them but I don't really understand what the problem is. I have heard that they emit a low volume hum that can effect your hearing. But I just enjoying looking at them I think they look almost majestic. We refer to them as the gentle giants.

If you are dressed for it fall rides can be among the nicest rides of the year. When looking for riding gear for cooler weather make sure you pick softer more supple leathers, so you can still move freely. Harder bonded leather makes it harder to get on and off the bike. It is also much more uncomfortable when sitting for long stretches of time on the bike. Bonded leather is small pieces of leather ground up and mixed with a glue type substance. It is the lowest grade of leather and by far the cheapest. It looks like leather and technically it is but it is very hard and stiff and will not soften up with use.

Always buy at least split grade leather, which is the inner layer of cowhide. Will not last as long as the outer layer or cowhide, but can be nicer looking because it will have fewer imperfections.